Physician Membership Information & Benefits

The Ohio Hematology Oncology Society (OHOS) is active in numerous health care issues facing cancer care providers and their patients, including reimbursement, practice management, off-label indications for chemotherapy pharmaceuticals and advocacy with managed care companies and policy makers.

The Society serves as an important representative for you and your profession with legislators, government agencies and insurers. We provide an united voice on issues affecting the future of the profession. In order to obtain our goals, the Society needs your support. You are a vital link to the success of the organization, which ultimately will impact the profession. All oncologists have a vested interest to protect our patients from inappropriate policy and reimbursement. By joining the Society you will help us promote excellence in the care of cancer patients. We invite you to become a member:

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The Society works closely with other organizations to accomplish our objectives. Those entities include ASCO, ACCC, COAOSMA, and patient advocacy groups. The Society successfully worked with the Medicare Carrier Advisory Committee to modify Medicare's policies on chemotherapy infusion and non-chemotherapy infusion. For example, we were able to convince payors to increase reimbursement levels and to pay for more than one infusion on a given date of service. We helped pass legislation in Ohio that would exempt the purchase of chemotherapy drugs from the state sales tax in Ohio.

To be eligible for membership, an individual must be a licensed physician in Ohio with either a stated specialty in Hematology or Oncology. Dues are $300 per physician per year. Your paid membership would include yourself, your nurse, practice manager, and office staff.

As a member you will have the opportunity to take advantage of some valuable benefits:

  • The Society provides educational seminars at no cost on various topics and trends in cancer care. Some seminars are targeted to physician members, while others are targeted to practice managers, nurses or billing staff.
  • We keep members informed of legislative and reimbursement trends and provide advocacy with state and federal legislators and agencies, insurers and Medicare.  
  • The Society provides support in dealing with issues involving managed care and other entities and helps find solutions to coding, billing and reimbursement issues.
  • Our meetings provide a forum for professional networking and the exchange of ideas on issues of concern to people involved in providing cancer care.
  • We publish a monthly newsletter offering relevant articles on a variety of topics related the field of oncology and hematology as well as an update on Society activities.
  • Members are included in the Society's on-line Find a Physician page to help patients locate physicians.
  • Most importantly, we offer a common voice among Oncologists and Hematologists.

The Society has increased membership size in the past few years by 100% and will continue to expand membership, educational opportunities and services to our members. Our continued growth will allow us to work to address issues of concern and give us a greater voice with health care policy makers.

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